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The OpenPKG project is a collaborational Open Source software effort. …the world of cross-platform multiple-instance
Unix Open Source software packaging

Much valued by IT decision makers and beloved by Unix system administrators of large installation setups, OpenPKG is the world leading instrument for deployment and maintenance of Open Source software when administration crosses Unix platform boundaries. The OpenPKG project is a collaboration effort with the goal of creating and maintaining portable and easy to install software packages for use on the major Unix server platforms.

OpenPKG leverages RPM, OSSP and GNU technologies. The unique OpenPKG architecture leverages proven technologies like Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) and OSSP and GNU components to establish a unified administration environment, independent of the underlying operating system. OpenPKG is completely self-contained and does not even need a preinstallation of RPM. Instead, RPM is provided as an OpenPKG RPM package itself plus a tricky bootstrapping procedure in order to allow one to create from scratch the initial state of the whole OpenPKG software deployment environment. Once established, one can build and install Unix applications through a steadily growing pool of packages.

As of November 2006, OpenPKG-CURRENT consists of over 125,000 lines of polished RPM package specification code, resulting in over 1000 freely available individual packages. At the end of a typical six month development cycle OpenPKG is released as OpenPKG-RELEASE with CORE, BASE, and PLUS package class subsets.