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Feature: Cross-Platform Support

Platform Agnostic and Portable

Run applications on top of different Unix platforms and just do not care! All Unix platforms will behave the same, regardless whether the vendor ships a huge amount of add-on software (Linux) or almost nothing (Sun Solaris).

OpenPKG enables System Integrators to create solutions which are truly platform agnostic. Forget wasting time trying to integrate your solutions into native vendor offerings. Existing artificial boundaries created by operating system and hardware architecture vanish.

Our packages were created with full portability in mind. The result is that your solutions can be deployed across Unix platforms without hassle.

Creating Own Individual Solutions

Additionally, OpenPKG allows you to create your individual solution by choosing software components from a pool of over 950 packages and most of them with dozen build-time options for enabling or disabling particular application features. All this provides you a completely new experience when creating Unix software solutions.

Large-Scale Production Environments

OpenPKG since years is a well-known mature technology, successfully deployed in large-scale datacenter production environments where system administration has to cross Unix platform boundaries. There OpenPKG's fully cross-platform packaging approach greatly simplifies the everyday job and allows you to cut down costs.