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Feature: Minimum Intrusion

Evaluations and Migrations without Hassle

As OpenPKG is fully self-contained it allows you to evaluate new software versions side-by-side to the production version without hassle by just temporarily installation another OpenPKG instance directly on the production system.

Similarily, OpenPKG allows you to easily migrate instances even between completely different Unix platforms. For instance, developers are able to run production, staging and evaluation setups side-by-side on a single Unix system.

Minimum Operating System Intrusion

All this is possible as all OpenPKG instances are 100% separated from each other — all related files are stored exclusively within the instance itself — and each instance shares just 5 tiny connection points with the underlying operating system: /etc/passwd entry, /etc/group entry, crontab entries, global run-command script and the top-level instance directory.

Independent how many packages you have installed into an OpenPKG instance, fully residue-free removing an OpenPKG instance under prefix is just a matter of a single command:

$ prefix/bin/openpkg rpm -e `prefix/bin/openpkg rpm -qa`