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Registration as an official OpenPKG Fellow is both a simple one-time and free of charge 3-step procedure. As a result you are granted full access to all OpenPKG download resources and at the same time give the OpenPKG Project vital feedback about its user community.
  1. Visit the OpenPKG Registry & OSSP ase

    First, you have to visit the OpenPKG Registry under and enter the Login screen of its underlying Affiliation Service Environment (OSSP ase) by clicking on the Login button on the OpenPKG Registry main page.

  2. Fill out the Account Enrollment Form

    Second, please fill out the Account Enrollment Form by entering your full name (firstname, middle initials and lastname), valid Email address and access password. Finish by pressing the Enroll button.

  3. Confirm the Validity of your Email Address

    Third, open your Mail User Agent (MUA) and receive an Email with Subject "OpenPKG Registration" containing an URL. Visit this URL (copy & paste the URL into your browser location bar) to confirm your Email address. Now press the button Go to Login Screen to finally activate your OSSP ase account in the OpenPKG Registry.

    Please do not forget this last activation step and important step or you will be not able to access the OpenPKG Download Service!.