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Feature: Software Packaging

From Anarchy to Reuseable Packages

OpenPKG brings popular Open Source software into good shape, pulling it out of the chaotic anarchy cloud of the Internet and putting it into properly aligned packages to be used in a stringent production-class framework.

More than fifteen man-years of engineering were spent on distilling the decades of Unix experience of our senior architects into reusable, pre-configured and flexible software packages. For more than five years OpenPKG is regularly extended and ported to the major Unix platforms available on the market.

Leveraging Proven Unix Technologies

The unique OpenPKG architecture leverages proven Unix technologies like Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) and OSSP and GNU components to establish a unified administration environment, independent of the underlying Unix operating system.

OpenPKG is completely self-contained and does not even need a preinstallation of RPM. Instead, RPM is provided as an OpenPKG RPM package itself plus a tricky bootstrapping procedure in order to allow one to create from scratch the initial state of the whole OpenPKG software deployment environment. Once established, one can build and install Unix applications through a steadily growing pool of packages.

Open Source Backed with Professional Services

The result is a truly Open Source free of charge offering, available to everyone. Additionally, you can engage the inventors of OpenPKG to aid you in establishing your own individual setup, helping you to leap ahead the competition.