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Showcase: Demonstration Video

The official OpenPKG Demonstration Video is featuring OpenPKG 2.5 on FreeBSD 6, Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 and OpenSolaris 10 b34 in parallel for illustrating OpenPKG's cross-platform and multiple-instance capabilities.

The video was produced end of April 2006 by the OpenPKG GmbH and first spread to the public on DVD in May 2006 by the OpenPKG Foundation e.V. on the LinuxTag 2006 exhibition in Wiesbaden, DE.


The video is available in two formats:


The video can be directly watched with MPlayer under Unix/X11 (as it already contains the freely available TSCC codec out-of-the-box).

For watching the video under Windows one can use an arbitary media player after the freely available TSCC codec was downloaded and installed (requires just about 2 minutes and is totally unintrusive).


For producing the video four VMWare virtual machines were used: three running under FreeBSD, Debian GNU/Linux and OpenSolaris for the demonstration run-time backends (the content of the terminal windows in the video) and one running under Ubuntu GNU/Linux for the demonstration control frontend (the colorful terminal desktop in the video).

The control frontend, the heart of the demo, was driven by a tricky xterm(1) and screen(1) based display setup, input feeded by a custom scripting engine in the background. The presentation parts of the demo were generated with OpenOffice Impress. All graphics art was produced with Adobe Photoshop.

The video parts were captured with VMWare and Camtasia Studio, frame cutted in VirtualDub, audio annotated in Camtasia Studio again and rendered into the final videos with VirtualDub.

The production of the video required about 8 man-weeks.