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The OpenPKG Project uses various mailing lists to coordinate the development and to provide support to the user community.

They all have an Email address of and are remote controlled by the Petidomo robot under They are also real-time gatewayed into corresponding local newsgroups and hence are additionally available read-only via NNTP from


Here is an overview of the available mailing lists:

List Address Post Usage
openpkg-announce   project only   Announcements
openpkg-dev confirmed Developer Chat
openpkg-users confirmed User Chat

To avoid spam mails, these mailing lists do not allow posts from arbitrary addresses. The openpkg-announce list allows posting only from particular project addresses. The openpkg-dev and openpkg-users allow only subscribers to post. If you are not a subscriber of them, you still can post these lists, but the posting is delivered only after you successfully sent back an additional confirmation reply the first time you post.


To easily subscribe/unsubscribe to/from those lists, use the following form to drop an appropriate Email to Petidomo. After Petidomo received your request, it will respond to the entered Email address with an authority challenge which must be sent back again to guard against fraudulent submissions. With this security mechanism, false or unauthorized entries are caught. Entering the Email address of someone else in the form below will therefore not work.

Mailing List Subscription
Select operation

Enter your Email address:

Select lists:

If you don't trust the above form or want to do it manually, you can contact Petidomo directly of course. To subscribe to one of the mailing lists, just send an Email to with the following text in the body (the subject is not important and can be empty): "subscribe openpkg-name".


Our mailing lists are automatically archived at the following locations: