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Community: Contribution

The OpenPKG project encourages everybody to contribute hints, patches or even complete packages. For this the following facilities are available to contributors:

Subscription-based Mailing List Service

This service provides access to the OpenPKG forums through the Mail service. It can be used by anyone with a valid Mail account by subscribing to one or more mailing lists through the Petidomo service under See the Support page for more details, too.
$ echo "subscribe openpkg-announce" | mail
$ echo "subscribe openpkg-users" | mail
$ echo "subscribe openpkg-dev" | mail
$ echo "subscribe openpkg-cvs" | mail

Contributor Environment

You've lots of options on how to work as an OpenPKG contributor. The most canonical and convenient way to establish your contributor environment is by using the "openpkg dev" environment from the "openpkg-tools" package and following the instructions for PMOD/PSOD.