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OpenPKG Pitch

The following short Unix shell command script gives you a step-by-step impression what the OpenPKG technology is about from a bare technical point of view. It from scratch establishes an OpenPKG instance under /openpkg/, installs the SSL-enabled Apache web server and the Lynx web client into it, quickly test drives both Apache and Lynx and finally deinstalls everything again without leaving any residues on the underlying Unix system.

Try out this OpenPKG technology pitch yourself!

# download OpenPKG bootstrap source shell package
$ wget \

# build OpenPKG instance
sh openpkg-* \
   --prefix=/openpkg --tag=openpkg \
   --user=openpkg --group=openpkg
sh openpkg-*

# build and install Apache and Lynx
/openpkg/bin/openpkg build \
  -D apache::with_mod_ssl apache lynx | sh

# start Apache and test with Lynx
/openpkg/bin/openpkg rc apache start
/openpkg/bin/lynx https://localhost/

# stop Apache and erase OpenPKG instance
/openpkg/bin/openpkg rc apache stop
/openpkg/bin/openpkg rpm \
    -e `/openpkg/bin/openpkg rpm -qa`

# remove downloaded and generated package files
rm -rf /openpkg
rm -f openpkg-*

For a more detailed step-by-step guideline on how to drive OpenPKG
see also our more extensive tutorial

100% Painless Tryout!

Creating an OpenPKG instance (including installing arbitrary packages into it) is totally non-intrusive to the underlying Unix operating system!