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  OpenPKG Community distribution OpenPKG 2-STABLE-20061018 available

  The OpenPKG Foundation e.V. released a 2-STABLE-20061018 snapshot
  from the 2-STABLE branch today. Along with OpenpKG CURRENT these
  series claim the cornerstones between practicable maintenance
  and bleeding-edge software for the fast moving OpenPKG Community
  distribution. This snapshot deprecates the OpenPKG 2.5-RELEASE [1].
  Business customers can look forward to the OpenPKG Enterprise 1
  product available from the OpenPKG GmbH early November this year.
  An overview and a detailed comparison chart of the OpenPKG series
  is available online [2][3].

  By popular demand the OpenPKG 2-STABLE-20061018 snapshot now ships
  the proven and maintained CORE+BASE packages as well as PLUS class
  packages and now also ships appropriate although unsupported EVAL
  class packages. End users receive a more complete distribution and
  mixing with the unstable OpenPKG CURRENT series can often be avoided.



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